“Hassim…for 100 years, you’ve bumbled, stumbled and proved inept beyond all hope, and yet my daughter finds you (the Fates alone knowing the why!) irresistible. Yet, I AM the Emir of the East Wind, and unless you can find even a single witness, I’ll forbid your wedding (though my daughter cry tears amounting to a sea)……a feat which for you I am assured will surpass the difficulty of finding of a seed in a world of sand! I give you till the turning of this hour glass! You have but the passing of a mortal day to find ANYONE who will vouchsafe your character."

Hassim left the palace of Emir, his hear sinking as low as the bottom of the deepest ocean. WHO could he find among the arrogant genies that would risk their reputation even acknowledging his existence? No one…but…DID it HAVE to be a gen? Hassim’s heart lightened…the Emir had not SAID so…”MY friends! My MORTAL friends!” he yelled allowed.

“By the forked beard of Zeus and his children! By Odin’s One Good Eye! By all the Fates that made them, I summon friends to my SIDE!” Hassim shouted, and the joy in his magic split the realms of Air and Light, pulling the only souls he’d ever called friend from their decades-old resting places. Stone melded into flesh in the transportation…skeletons regained their mortal encasement….yellow musk, long dead and turned to normal dust, fell away and in a shining flash, the mortals he knew so well stood before him (if somewhat confused).

What can be said about what words transpired in the court of the Emir of the East Wind? For no one was allowed to remember…the outraged Emir, his hopes dashed at the mortal’s testimony, threw them down and back to their human realm, scattering them across the kingdom…Hassim was forever forbidden from using his powers in the celestial realms, and he had not so much time as to give his friends ‘Thanks and farewell!’ before the mortals (and cat) were thrown down into a world many years older then what they remembered, their minds cleared of all that transpired after their deaths…



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