Boreas Solarion

Paladin of The Dawnflower, Her Lady Sarenrae


Platinum haired, silver eyed Holy Warrior with a quick wit and good heart


I am Boreas Solarion of Brevoy, crusader in service to The Dawnflower, Her Lady Sarenrae. I strive to bring justice to those who seek it, and serve justice to those who need it. I shall never shirk from my duty to defend those unable to defend themselves and face all foes with the honor they deserve. However, I realize Golarion can be a harsh place, and not everyone is how they seem. I do my best to serve Her Lady Sarenrae and follow the laws of the land in which I and my companions travel…and to keep Inari out of too much trouble.
Ahhh Inari…she is where my tale truly starts. A young elf maiden finds a babe in the woods near the hovel in the Gonzi Forest that her and her mother share. Her mother, Heket, whom we learned is a powerful necromantic sorceress, felt the touch of the First World upon his brow, and the celestial blood running through his veins was obvious in his silver eyes and platinum hair. In her cruelty, Heket chooses to raise this celestial babe in an effort to taint his blood and turn him into a dark champion.
Of course, as young children, all this was unbeknownst to us. As far as I knew this was what life was supposed to be. Heket would work with Inari into the wee hours of the morning in the study of dark arts and animal anatomies and come the dawn was my indoctrination into the virtues of Urgathoa, the Pallid Princess. Death, she said, comes to all…but it does not necessarily mean the end. My playmates when Inari was absent were animals risen from the dissection table, which even as a child my celestial blood shrank from, but again, what is normal other than what you know?
As I aged my training progressed into more martial studies. Pitted, rusted and ill-fitting chain mail become my second skin as Heket would summon fiends from bygone eras to attack Inari and myself at all hours of the day and night. It was my duty to protect us both from these horrors risen from the grave or enslaved from the Pit and my body carries many a scar from the times that Heket was somewhat slow on halting a swing or curbing a blow from her minions. Thankfully Inari had a penchant for poultices from medicinal herbs gathered around our home and these injuries were never serious for long. Looking back, while I know Inari has a love for all things green, I wonder if this too wasn’t Heket’s machinations, as the sorceress herself lacked any healing magic.
While I was mostly unaware of the malevolence of Heket, other than a vague sense of unease my celestial blood offered from time to time, I feel Inari knew her mother was not like others. While she prides herself on sneaking off to New Stetven to observe the humans there, her nighttime wanderings were known to me…and probably Heket as well. I suppose it was on these sojourns that Inari herself began to feel uneasy about the trials her mother subjected us to, as it was her idea that I join the local militia and put my training and skills to the test against other men-at-arms. Obviously resistant at first, Heket came around to the idea as Inari seems to have a way with charming people.
My years at the militia were eye opening as Inari more than likely intended. Heket masked my angelic appearance with various spells so my compatriots took me for one of there own; a country bumpkin, but one of their own nonetheless. I soon found it odd that none of the militiamen nor their families worshiped the Pallid Princess…and they found it more odd that I seemed to revere Her. A small church dedicated to Iomedae was where most of the militiamen and their families spent their worshiping time and I, curious, joined them one morning after shift. My blood sang with joy upon entering the church, and the camaraderie and sense of community shared by the Sarenraen flock showed me what life is truly about…and more what mine had been missing except for those times shared with Inari.
With foreboding, I approached the only home I have ever known for the last time. Heket met me at the door, her eyes ablaze with fury at years of planning being irreparably destroyed. I thanked the sorceress for the years of shelter she had provided, but told her my time with her was done. Fury became rage as Inari joined my side and told her mother the same. Caring not for her own child nor the years invested in me, Heket raised minions with no intentions of training on her mind. Casting black magic that Inari barely countered, I called out to Sarenrae for help…and her Ladyship answered. My plain militia longsword blazed with heavenly light and together Inari and I fought free of the undead her mother had raised against us.
Now homeless, but with new purpose for our life, Inari and I answer the call to Restov for adventures willing and able to tame the wilds. It is my hope that we can find a new home to call our own, one that we can share for all the years to follow.

Boreas Solarion

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