Yuri, there and back again.

Yuri was not liking how this fight was turning out. The faint light in the cave revealed a chaotic scene. From above, swarms of bats were harrying the group. From within, the moans of the dead could be heard. Undead in all states of decay were shambling toward Yuri with a painful slowness. Through the gaps in the corpses, a strange Necromancer could be seen, chanting in a dark language.

Torch in hand, Yuri sallied forth. Dancing from foe to foe, he struck with blade and flame. A strange cloud of web filled the room with a sudden woosh. Without thinking, Yuri slung his torch into the thick of it. To his delight, the undead burst into flame, buying him more time. A foul stench preceded a mangled claw as it swept past Yuri’s head. Twisting to his left, he removed the corpse’s head from it’s shoulders. It dropped in a heap as he rolled beneath the lunge of another.

Boreas was in trouble. Blows from the Wight rained down upon him swift as lightning. The air hummed as unholy magics crackled in the cave. With each strike, Boreas grew weaker and weaker. Though no physical marks could be seen, his armor glowed a sickly green where the Wight’s sword struck true. The undead closed upon the group. Yuri had but a moment to decide to throw himself upon them to keep them from surrounding Boreas. With no time to talk himself through this, he rolled between two undead, cutting their legs from beneath them. As he rose, another ripped a chunk of flesh from his chest. A grunt escaped Yuri’s mouth as an ethereal blade sprouted from his gut. As quick as it appeared, it was withdrawn. Yuri sank to his knees as the undead flowed past him. Warmth spread from his stomach down to his thighs, spilling out onto the ground.

“Ahhh, it is time, yes Father? Yuri comes home.” A fleeting thought passed before Yuri as his vision failed. Strange that he was kicking his legs, as if running. So that is what this is like…

A hand ripped Yuri from the darkness. The most unfathomably loud ripping sound filled Yuri’s ears. Something was ripping him apart from the inside. He couldn’t scream. He couldn’t fight. He couldn’t even see what was destroying him. All he knew was pain.

After what felt like an eternity, Yuri felt something hard upon his back. This isn’t at all what he expected when he was slipping into the after life. What cruel fate has befallen him? He slowly opened his eyes and was staring at the sky.

“Arrrrgh What is this? Yuri’s head is pounding!” As his eyes adjusted to the light, he was able to look around him. Unbelievably, his friends were there. Boreas had the most unusual expression. One of both relief and disgust, followed slowly by amusement. Inari’s eyes were wide in admiration. Strangers stood amongst them. Indifference was all he could gauge from them. “What has happened to Yuri?”

Boreas quickly explained that they had paid a Dryad to bring Yuri back from the dead. There was a catch. There was always a catch, Yuri cursed. He had been transformed into a wretched Kobald, of all miserable creatures.

“This is no problem. Yuri is glad to be alive. There is more killing to do, yes?”

With that, the party set out once again. The most unusual feeling was tugging at Yuri’s head. Things were fuzzy. It was difficult to focus on the task at hand. And what in the God’s name did he do with his candle?

The rest of the day was spent doing battle with a giant tree beast, negotiating with a Fey whom had once tried to seduce Yuri into the water, and dispatching a pack of dogs.

Yuri remembers that the most out of all things. Once again, he found himself fighting for his life. His friends were set upon by these dogs. Dogs? More like a Warg and his mangy pack of wolves. Boreas was on his back, hacking at the Warg. The women were doing more than their part as usual. Yuri used his positioning to draw two wolves away from Boreas and Klois. Yuri does enjoy watching Magnolia cleave her foes in half with that great axe. Quite amusing really…

A day or so had passed after the encounter with the dogs. Is it true? A spell has been found to return Yuri to his human form! “Yuri is most excited! Thank you friends,” he exclaimed as they offered their gold to restore him.

“Yuri will try to be more careful with this body, yes?”



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