New allies and a new trophy!

The chef at the Angry Owl Bear Inn is to be commended on his cooking; dinner with Inari is delicious! Over our meal and a few drinks, we discussed rumors that hunters have brought back to town about mythical creatures in the woods. Inari believes one could be a Dryad, a being of great power. She believes this creature, if a dryad it indeed is, might be able to resurrect Yuri with white necromancy spells. I trust her judgment in all things magical as only Heket has more knowledge of the arcane of any I have met.
We noticed a couple of rugged adventurers at the bar, and we decided to approach them to see their business here in Gnarlgate. A woman that carried a great sword with ease, and her cousin, a rogue that gave me a brief pang for Yuri greeted us. Magnolia and Klois, adventurers for hire, had made their way to the Greenbelt upon hearing of several fledgling kingdoms making their marks upon the land. We agreed to bring them into the fold…if they agreed to help find the dryad in the woods, and attempt to bring back our fallen comrade.
The two agreed, and after convincing one of the woodsman to lead us to the dryad, we set forth. Our trip was uneventful, and we were greeted by a satyr who we came to know as Falcos, consort and guardian of Tiressia, her lady of the glade. Once we established we came in peace, and explained to her our reason for our visit, Tiressia agreed to help us resurrect Yuri. However, she told of a great evil in the woods, an ancient fey who absorbed the life force of all things good and wholesome around it. The fearsome faerie had harmed many of the woodland creatures and Tiressia feared for her glade and her very life. We agreed to defeat this evil in exchange for her powerful magics. She performed a ritual, and Yuri was returned to us once again…sort of. While Yuri retained his…Yuriness, his physical from was that of a familiar creature, a kobold! While outwardly expressing regret, I secretly found his plight quite amusing, as did Inari. Issues aside, Yuri was back, and it was time to pay our debts and track down the evil fey.
We traveled south from Tiressia’s Glade for maybe a day before coming upon a patch of withered forest that stank of corruption and decay. A gnarled old oak stood alone in the center of this patch of corruption, and the evil poured from it so thick it was as if a physical wall. Clearly we had found the bane of the wood. The old faerie stood still as if trying to lure us in but we were not to be fooled. My comrades and I positioned ourselves to be ready for combat, and with a brief prayer to Iomedae, I moved into the fray.
The old oak took a glancing shot at me, but my armor held. Magnolia began her work on the fey, landing brutal strike after strike. The rogues flanked the fey, worrying it with daggers and finesse. But Inari all but crippled the fey with her dark hexes, causing his powerful blows to land far from their mark again and again. The old fey fell to the combined power of our might, and we found various trinkets and baubles at his roots. A tattered robe with embroidered skeletons sewn about it pulsed magic, and Inari donned it with the hope that it would increase her all ready impressive magics.
On the return to Tiressia, we were beset by a will-o-wisp, a magical predator of great power. Magnolia was ambushed by the beast and was hit with magical lightning and I engaged the beast. After a few ineffectual swipes I called out to everyone to flee as this creature was beyond us. Our group fled to the four winds while the will-o-wisp chased me down, hitting my horse many times. Eventually it grew bored and went to look for easier prey. It took me many hours but I met up with everyone at Tiressia’s Glade. We told her of our victory, and she rewarded us yet again with magic feathers that sprout into trees when planted. We agreed to come to her aide when called in exchange for her sending us word of any troubles in the area. She told of one of her kin, a water nixxie, that was having trouble with our loggers to the east, and asked of us to help her.
After a half days ride, we came across many of our loggers in a rabble, yelling at a beautiful water fey. We saw the nixie had enchanted two of our loggers and was using them to provoke a fight. Yuri stepped forth and reasoned with the nixie, who we came to know as Melianse, and we found that our loggers had came to her glade and destroyed many of her friends, the trees. Fortunately, Tiressia’s gift came in handy, as we agreed to replace Melianse’s fallen friends and to harm her glade no further. We offered our aide in times of need, and she agreed to keep watch over the waterways of the area for us in return. Our loggers were grateful, and moved on to less dangerous woods.
We were set to return to Gnarlgate, but Yuri came across some tracks and remembered a bounty posted by our citizenry for the death of a giant warg. We opted to track down this beast and keep our farms safe. Again, luck was not on our side, as we stumbled into an ambush of wolves. The first I knew of this fight was when a wolf the size of a horse flew from cover and dragged me from the saddle. His vicious maw struck many blows against me, but Iomedae’s grace kept me in the fight enough to keep the beast’s attention. My comrades had no better luck against the smaller wolves, nearly all of them being pulled from the saddle and to the ground. But it was once again Magnolia’s sword and Inari’s magic that won the day, and we returned to Gnarlgate triumphant with new allies, a new trophy for the Angry Owl Bear Inn, and best of all, a friend returned.


It felt good to be able to rest and relax for a while. Boreas and I decided to get some dinner at the Angry Owl bear Inn. As a matter of fact, I ate a rare owl bear steak that night. Soooo juicy and tasty. Anyways, we happened to notice a couple walk in and go to the bar. After we enjoyed our meal, we went over to talk to them. Come to find out, there were cousins out seeking adventure. What luck for us! After some discussion, the fighter named Magnolia and the rogue named Klois agreed to join us. Our first task together, to find a magical dryad. We heard through a hunter that a magical dryad and a satyr lived in the woods. If we found her, she might agree to help us resurrect Yuri for us! That was great news! Our time to find someone with such powers was running out. As soon as we were able, we joined up with the hunter, and he lead us on our journey.
Our trip was uneventful, filled only with the beauty of the wild. On our third day, we ran into the satyr named Falchos. We explained our trouble, but he seemed unwilling to help. As we spoke to him, a wonderous plant like woman appeared before us. She called herself Tiressia. She agreed to help us if we killed an evil foe. Not far away was a dark fey in the shape of an oak tree. This creature hates all that is good. We quickly agreed to her terms, and she read the scroll of reincarnation. To our amazement, Yuri arose from nothing but his finger that we saved! The only problem was, well, he was a kobald, of all things! We told him of everything that had happened since he… died. It took him a bit to adjust and understand, but he was happy to be alive again! The next step of our journey awaited us.
After some time, we come across a glade. There was the mighty oak tree at its center. It stood twenty feet tall. The stench was horrid. There was withered vegetation everywhere, littered with bones. Everything felt wrong and dark. I immediately cast misfortune. To my luck, it worked. Every hit he took brought him closer to death. Every swing he made missed. It was quite a quick battle, him falling in the end. I smiled at the thought of yelling timber, but kept quiet to enjoy my joke. This rotten piece of wood tipped, revealing a hole beneath. We found many treasures! Many things to sell, and many to keep. I received a scroll, a cure light wounds wand, and a strange robe of bones. I was excited to have such a robe to wear! How wonderful to have creatures to aid us in our battles!
On our trek back to the dryad, we ran into trouble. A will-o-wisp. Never before have I faced such a foe. Never again do I want to. It zapped Magnolia a few times. Boreas’ hit went clear through. Our best bet was to flee! On our retreat, Boreas’ horse takes a few hits, but after some time we outran it. In our haste, we got separated. After some time though, I found my way back to Tiressia and my friends. Everyone was exhausted, and our hosts were gracious enough to feed us and let us rest. She told us of a nixie having some problems with our loggers. This was news to us! We thank her for her hospitality and begin our next journey.
We don’t travel far when we run across some of our men arguing with a human like creature. She’s amazing! A beautiful blue figure with webbed fingers, standing in the middle of the lake named Melianse. Yuri recognizes her quickly as one who tried to charm him a while ago! He quickly bargains with her, asking her to release the two she has under her control. If she would, we would make sure that all loggers would leave her alone. We also agreed to gift her with five feathers, five magical feathers that would grow into trees, replacing the friends she lost. She could watch the waterways, making sure no troubles come to them. After some discussion, she agrees and a bargain is made.
Tired and weary, we left for Narl Gate. Unfortunately, trouble befell us. Yuri’s keen eyesight found wolf tracks. He traveled behind us, watching and listening. Then it happened. We were surrounded by four wolves and the scariest six foot warg I had ever seen. I remembered the wanted posters, knowing this was the culprit of many missing sheep. We had no time to make a move when Boreas was pulled from his horse, and I was bitten. Klois easily killed one wolf, but was then tripped. I suddenly didn’t feel so well. My skin burned and itched. I was bleeding from the bite. I couldn’t concentrate. My new robe, the one I thought would be so helpful, was cursed! Later I found it to be a robe of vermin. I was covered with lice and critters, all biting and hurting me. It was all I could do to sleep one wolf while everyone else killed the rest. Thank goodness we won. I beg to get to town to have this robe removed since its magic protects it from being cut. We make the trek back, both getting our rewards and destroying the robe. All in all, it was quite a journey, the happiest part being the return of our friend.

New allies and a new trophy!

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