Tall, athletic build bordering on lanky, dark hair and dark brown eyes.


As you receive your tankard of ale from the tavern wench, the stranger across from you finally speaks. Behind cold dark eyes, you catch a glint of intelligence. Though his words are muddled by a thick accent, you get a sense that each word is carefully chosen and that nothing this man says is anything other than exactly what he wants you to hear.

“So, you want to hear story, yes? I will tell you story, friend. What do you know about snow? Where Yuri came from, snow falling all day. Irrisen. You have heard of it, yes? This is my home. Was my home.”

“Long ago, when I was boy, my father tell me. He says, Yuri. My son. It is time for you to leave here. Run as far as your horse will carry you. Does not matter where you go, just go. I did not understand this. Why is father telling me to leave? I did not ask, just left. Later I realize what my father did. The great witch, Baba Yaga was coming back to choose her new queen. When this happens, her people are tested for loyalty. If you are loyal, you live. If not…well, I am not needing to tell you what happens then. I had later heard that the black knight came to my father’s home. My father was not loyal to the witch, and so he lost his life. If Yuri was still there, Yuri would be dead too. For this, I love my father. I also hate him for sending Yuri away and not coming with. So, Yuri was just boy on his own. I stole to eat. I became very good at finding things when I needed them. I saw what happened to the other boys when they got caught. I made sure to not get caught, yes? Come friend, let us drink to the night.”

After drinking and dicing the evening away, Yuri bid his farewell and slipped into the night. What a strange fellow.


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