Inari of the Wilds

Wicked Witch of the Wilds


blonde elven witch with purple eyes


I am Inari, witch of the Wilds. For as long as I can remember, it had been my Mother, Heket, and I. It had been a lonely life, but made tolerable by my gardening and spying on the folks from New Stetven. My Mother would have punished me severely had she known I was going close to town, but I couldn’t help it. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my Mother, but she was a solitary creature, one who loathed most other living creatures. I could not understand this hatred, but, I had no idea what had happened to her to choose that type of living. She refused to speak of it in detail, only saying that my Father was a horrid elf who had her banished from her homeland. I asked no further questions.
When Mother couldn’t teach me magic as a young child and realized my powers were ingrain, she pronounced me a witch. It only made sense since my Father was a wizard I remember her letting slip one day. (That is the only fact I know of my Father, he was an Elven Wizard, and I hold on to it dearly.) This realization is how I obtained my only true friend at the time, Mr. Pinchy. I remember Mother coming home one day with a box. I could hear scratching inside. I thought it was some critter we needed parts from in order to make a potion. Little did I know he was needed to hold my spells. I opened the box to see a tiny green scorpion hidden inside. Mother explained to me why he was needed. I carefully lifted him from the box, giggling as he scurried around in circles on my open palm, pinching at the webs of my fingers. That is how my dearest companion received his name. He and I become fast friends, always together. Now that Mother knew what I was, my training flew! I was a sponge, taking in everything she could teach me. I was actually quite happy, my wanderings becoming less and less as time went by. But then he came into our lives.
Life as I knew it changed drastically with the discovery of a baby boy in the woods. An adorable boy with platinum hair and silver eyes. I remember being surprised when my Mother said we should care for him, and raise him to our way of living. I was ecstatic! A brother! I saw families in town where all of the siblings played and laughed. Could I have that life, that happiness? The answer was yes and no. While Mother taught me her arts, for she was a powerful necromantic sorceress, she taught the boy, Boreas, the martial arts. Well, as well as she could. She raised minions to fight him, sometimes throwing me in there for him to protect as well. She’d get in her cruel lashings when she could, telling him it was to teach him to think and act quickly. I began questioning her motives, but kept my thoughts to myself. When she wasn’t training him, she was keeping me up at all hours of the night working on spells and hexes. It was a rare moment when Boreas and I could get any time together. When we did, we talked and wondered about things, asking one another questions about life outside of the woods. I’d relish in his thinking, adding my own ideas. Once he mentioned we should actually enter town! The idea scared me to death! He said it was foolish of him to bring it up, and he was sorry, but I could see the twinkle in his eyes on the thought. He was not meant for this life. This prison in the woods. My mind starting turning. The answer to my problems hit me while on a trek home from town. The militia! I could convince Mother to let Boreas be trained in town! There he could further his skills, become a much more skilled fighter. Mother would hear nothing of it at first, but I could talk to her into almost anything with my charm and smile. Eventually she gave in, and Boreas left for New Stetven.
To my dismay, Boreas lived in New Stetven during his training. In the beginning, he came home every few weeks to visit. Weeks turned into months, months into years. Mother was becoming more and more agitated as time went by. I was becoming more miserable. I tried many times to sneak away to town, longing to get a glimpse of Boreas, but Mother had her eyes on me constantly. I missed him terribly! I actually hid a backpack in the woods filled with essentials, thinking I might one day escape to town, or wherever my path may lead me. I didn’t have to wait for long. Boreas came home one day unexpectedly. He told Mother that he appreciated her giving him a home, but he was going out on his own now. Before I knew what I was saying, I stood by his side and announced that I was joining him. I have never seen Mother become so angry so quickly. She summoned minions in her rage, all bent on killing us. Boreas slashed at them as I slept them. We escaped with only a few cuts and bruises that I easily cured.
I do not know where our path will take us next, but I do know that I am looking forward to anything Boreas and I come across. We are thinking Restov. Maybe there we can begin our new life together.

Inari of the Wilds

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